Best Blackjack Casino Bonuses

Online blackjack combines not only luck but also skills and tactics, so this game is very popular. Casinos use a wide range of casino bonuses to attract players. There are many different bonuses - from no deposit bonuses to a very impressive welcome offers. Besides, some bonuses can be granted not only to new players, but also to high rollers.

There are bonuses that are very easy to get, for some you need to fulfill certain conditions. In any case, bonus money will be a great addition to your bankroll!

A blackjack bonus can really contribute to your pace and level of play. Players are welcomed to explore numerous game scenarios, knowing that they have a bonus to enjoy as well. As such, the best online casino bonuses out there will provide you with a great way to explore your favourite game while standing a chance of cashing out much more than you have started with.

Best online blackjack bonuses

When we evaluate the best blackjack bonuses, we compare their amount, wagering requirements and other details which might not be noticed from the first glance. Here you can find the best deals from reputable online casinos.

How to get online casino bonus for playing blackjack

  • 1

    Select a casino and sign up

    Choose a casino from the table above and register on the site, the whole process takes no more than 1-2 minutes.

  • 2

    Analyze all available bonuses

    Navigate to the Promotions menu and review the bonus terms. Pay close attention to the wagering requirements and make sure that the bonus could be used for the game you want to play.

  • 3

    Make a deposit and receive a bonus

    At this point all you have to do is select a payment method that is convenient for you, make a deposit and select "Use bonus".

  • 4

    Start to play blackjack for real money

    After receiving a bonus you can enjoy playing your favorite games. Remember that the wagering requirements may depend on the type of game. Once you make the necessary number of bets, you can request the transfer of winnings to your bank card or e-wallet.

Specifics of blackjack bonuses

Advantages of blackjack bonuses

Bonuses in online blackjack help to improve both the quantity and the quality of your bets. A welcome bonus, for example, depends on the amount of your deposit. If the bonus is listed as 100% match bonus on first deposit up to $200, it means that if you deposit $200 and want to receive the bonus, you'll have $400 for playing blackjack.

It’s not just the deposit, match and online blackjack welcome bonus that bestow upon you some excellent advantages, though. There are more enjoyable moments with blackjack bonuses. Loyalty, cashback and tournament options are often some of the best possible ways to boost your play. Get in on the tournament action, win through skill and cunning, and reap a big payday!

Disadvantages of blackjack bonuses

If you'd like to receive a bonus, keep in mind that each online casino has its own wagering requirements, minimum bonus amount required for receiving a bonus. You can check them anytime in Terms and Conditions section usually placed in the bottom of casino website.

The amount of your bet in order to cash out the bonus is in direct propotion to the amount of your deposit or bonus. For example, you made a deposit that equals $50. Online casino gives you a 100% match bonus. The limit is x15+ deposit. That means that you need to make a deposit 15*$50+$50=$800 in order to cash it out.

Best online blackjack bonuses

When we evaluate the best blackjack bonuses, we compare their amount, wagering requirements and other details which might not be noticed from the first glance. Here you can find the best deals from reputable online casinos.

Types of Casino Bonuses and Promotions

  • Sign-up bonuses (No deposit bonuses)

    This type of bonus you can get immediately after registration in online casino of your choice. Its amount is usually small, in average $10. However, this bonus has a great advantage - you don't need to complete any requirements to obtain it.

  • Welcome Bonuses

    This is one of the most popular online casino bonuses. In order to get it you need to deposit a certain amount of money (the details could be found in your selected casino's Terms Conditions). Let's suppose that you make a deposit of $50 and it is stated that you could get a bonus from 50% to 300% or higher from your deposit amount. Unfortunately, there is no way to withdraw the bonus amount and cash it out immediately. It it was possible, online casinos would have gone bankrupt by now. You'll be able to cashout the bonus only if you have made a minimum deposit stated in terms and conditions and made required number of bets. When you win, all your winnings will be added to your personal account and you could cash it out using the payment provider of your choice among those supported by online casino.

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Bonuses and Promotions

    This type of bonus is usually credited loyal players. There are many different ways to secure a great online casino blackjack bonus, but the options you can get on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are truly those that are worth talking about. Dailies and monthly bonuses, such as cash backs, for example, are a great way to improve your play and get some excellent perks.

  • Game specific bonuses

    This type of bonuses is used by casinos to encourage you to play featured table games or online slots. Now, if you are big on blackjack, you will be happy to know that there are many specific online blackjack deposit bonus options! Of course, blackjack is hardly the only game out there. Oftentimes, casinos will target slots, but sometimes you will get some bargain deals for live dealer experiences, too. It’s really all about finding the best casinos there are and giving them a shot.

  • Device Specific Bonuses

    Smartphone players may receive some rewards for signing up. Guess what? If you were to use a mobile phone, you might actually be able to claim a great online blackjack sign up bonus. Sometimes, bonuses will be available for individual devices as a way to incentivise more players to hop in on the action and have a blast.

  • High Roller Bonuses

    Loyal players may receive additional bonuses for making regular deposits for large amounts of money. The best online casino blackjack bonus you could probably get is the high roller option that many casinos are so happy to disburse. High roller bonuses are often specific to players who seek higher betting limits. Often, an online blackjack welcome bonus is a perfect fit for such players as they can afford the time, money and effort to play through what could be somewhat challenging playthrough requirements.

As you see, there are various bonuses to explore. In our opinion, the best online casino bonus for blackjack is not one or two types. One such can be the cashback promotion, which will always give you a part of your losses back in the form of a second-chance option.

There are other excellent bonuses, of course. Those of you who are more competitive can join a tournament. Blackjack tournaments are considered some of the best online casino bonuses because they offer you to use your knowledge of the game to increase your bankroll. Each tournament has a fixed prize pool and the further up the leaderboard you go, the better your chunk of the win will be.

Thus, tournaments also may well turn out to be the best online casino bonus for blackjack there is. In summation, you probably can do without a bonus, but why not benefit from the excellent blackjack promos listed here?


  • How to cash out my bonus in online blackjack?

    Each casino has some requirements related to bonus policy, In majority of cases they presume some wagering requirements. After completing them you could reqest the withdrawal of yoru winnings using payment method of your choice. Usually for the first time you'll be requested some personal information like your age (should be 18+). Normally verification process does not last long.

  • Can I use a no deposit bonus for playing blackjack?

    No deposit bonus in blackjack gives an opportunity to play blackjack for free before you master the game and decide to play for real money. It is not very widespread but yo can find it in some casinos.

  • What if I hit a jackpot after using a no deposit bonus?

    If you use a no deposit bonus for making your bets, no matter how much you win the winnings are all yours. You can use them for your future bets or cash them out on your card/ewallet using a payment method you like.

  • Can I get a bonus for playing live blackjack?

    There are several casinos that offer bonuses for Live Blackjack, so in order to find them you need to check the promotions list in more detail.

  • Can I win real money without making a deposit?

    No deposit bonus allows you to benefit from additional funds without spending your own money. The only thing you need to do for obtaining such a bonus is registering a personal account in online casino.


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