Play Multihand Blackjack for Free in Demo Mode

Multihand Blackjack online is another popular version of the casino classic known as 21. You will find the game to be identical to the classic one, and with this, there will be no need to learn any specific new rules. However, to master the multihand version, you will need to improve your decision-making process. You can start by trying our Multi-Hand Blackjack simulator below.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Rules

As mentioned before, learning how to play multi hand blackjack is easy because the game follows the same basic rules as the classic version. Let's have a look at what those specifics boil down to.

  • The player will play against the dealer or a live dealer as the game is available as both analogous and live casino versions.
  • The player has an option to play with up to five hands simultaneously prior to splitting as opposed to a standard version where only one hand is allowed.
  • This version of the game is played with anything between 5 and 8 decks based on the versions by the most popular developers (NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and others). The majority of versions have six decks.
  • The goal is to come as close to 21 and outplay the dealer's hand to win. You must not bust to succeed.
  • Scoring a hand in Multihand Blackjack follows the basic rules, that is 2-9 are worth their face value, 10-K are worth 10 points each, and an Ace is worth one or 11 points
  • The dealer still gets a card face up and a card face-down while all the player's hands are filled with face-up cards.

How to Play Multi Hand Blackjack Online?

If you want to play Multihand Blackjack, you will be happy to know that there are some demo versions to take notice of as well. Essentially, you can try multi hand blackjack online free before committing any real money. The basic rules apply here as well:

  • You must create a hand that has a strength of 21 or lower without busting and while still posting a stronger hand than the dealer
  • The dealer and your hand may end up a tie, in which case the game will introduce a "push" resolution which allocates each wager back to each party with no win or loss put down in the record
  • If a player has a hand value that is not 21, then they may choose between several actions

The following list of actions is standard, and it will appear in every version of the game bar a few minor exceptions.

  • Hit: Players who hit wish to keep adding to their hand for a chance to adjust their hand strength and get a more advantageous final hand before all cards are revealed.
  • Stand: If you stand, you are happy with your cards and do not need any more cards before the final hands are revealed.
  • Double down: Players who choose to double down believe their hand is strong enough to win and will therefore risk adding another card and doubling their wager to force a bigger payout on the off-chance they are right.
  • Split: You split a pair of identical cards to form an additional hand while adding another active wager to the table.
  • Surrender: If you choose to surrender, this means you don't think your hand can win at all, and you want to recover a small part of your bet. Some versions of multihand blackjack offer a late surrender that can dramatically boost your RTP.

Rules of Multihand Blackjack Gaming

In a Multi-Hand blackjack game, you still have to consider the basic rules while keeping up with the decision-making process involved here. It's best not to start with five hands no matter how experienced you are at blackjack and build your way up slowly. Here is how the game works:

  • Each hand is treated individually, and players will go through each running hand one after the other
  • You should keep in mind that in many versions of Multihand Blackjack players may not surrender, although some versions of the game conveniently have a late surrender rule
  • The game does often offer an insurance bet, but we advise against it as there is no statistical proof to show its effectiveness
  • Some dealers will hit on soft 17, but some will stand on all 17s, so you need to know which version you are playing
  • The different versions of the game can have slightly different rules on doubling, splitting, and resplitting; it's best to check with each game's paytable
  • A game of Multihand Blackjack will overall boost your pace of play and possibly lead to greater satisfaction from the game regardless of the specific rules

Multihand Blackjack Payouts

The Multihand Blackjack RTP is usually over 99.45% making this version of the game one of the best you can play. Below is a shortlist of the payouts you can expect based on your hand's result:

  • Standard blackjack payout is 3:2
  • Some versions may offer a 6:5 payout
  • Beating the dealer's hand results in a 1:1 payout

Blackjack Multihand Strategy

Because there are quite a few versions of Multi-Hand Blackjack, the strategy will change each time. However, some basic principles of the game are carved in stone and are best followed by players of all skill levels.

  • Choose games by Pragmatic Play and Microgaming if you can find them; these versions usually feature strategy charts built in the paytables
  • Make sure to play with only one or two hands as you start and don't rush through the entire
  • Pick versions of the game after you have had time to play-test them in our free Multihand Blackjack simulators
  • Always start with a bankroll that you can afford to lose and commit a small percentage of the total bankroll on individual bets
  • Keep in mind that the dealer will probably keep drawing cards until they have reached 17; double-check with the paytables to confirm

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